Green Deal

The Green Deal

The Green Deal It?s a no brainer that our environment needs special attention today, and effort is required from each and every person on this planet. Amongst the several environmental concerns we face today, a keyconcern that the UK government is facing is that of emissions from homes and businesses, and, needless to say, some action had to be taken in this regard. Hence, the ingenious idea of a ?Green Deal? was born in October 2012.

What is the Green Deal?

Under the Green Deal policy, business and home owners will be encouraged to apply more green technologies within their properties. By 2020, nearly 14 million homes and businesses will be retrofitted. The incentive for home owners and businesses is that they will not have to pay any upfront cost for installing a green technology within their property. The cost can be paid back by the beneficiaries over a period of time through their energy bills. Now here?s the catch; this initiative is different from a typical loan, because when the property is sold, the bill goes to the owner of the property and not the bill payer.

Energy-Saving Initiatives you can take within your Property

If you?re wondering how to go about it, here are some energy-saving initiatives that can help you meet the green bar set by this policy:

  • Insulation, such as a cavity wall
  • Efficient heating control mechanisms to conserve energy
  • Solar Panels or anything that provides a renewable source of energy within the property
  • Double glazing
  • Draught-proofing
  • Loft Insulation
  • New boilers
Why ?Green Deal?? The Myriad of Advantages

While the advantage of the Green Deal to the nation as a whole are obvious, even property owners get a pretty fair end of the deal. Take a look at how you?ll benefit by adopting this initiative:

  • Anybody can get a loan to install technologies to cut their energy bills, your income level does not matter
  • You won?t really feel the impact of the repayments because your energy bill won?t change much. The expected ?savings? from installing the green technology will be going towards the loan repayment, which would have otherwise reduced your total bill. So you only pay back what you had been predicted to save.
  • You can benefit from the deal on a number of green technologies, from installing a new boiler to underfloor heating
  • Your house becomes green and more energy efficient. That?s something future home buyers will greatly value
  • The loan is not attached to you forever; when you move, the loan gets transferred to the next property owners
  • You?ll have a warmer house, reduced maintenance bills and many happy people living in the house. Now that?s a bonanza

With the green deal, you can start witnessing the advantages yourself in no time at all. Over the longer term, it?s a win-win situation for both the property owners and the government. It?s a very great initiative by the UK government, because a greener UK means happier citizens. Ata, Green!

Commercial Green Deal

The Green Deal has gained immense popularity when it comes to domestic buildings. But even commercial buildings have come under the radar of this environment-friendly initiative. The very fact that the Green Deal has been mandated for commercial properties shows that energy efficiency will be at the top of the list of concerns in the non-domestic construction and property sector.

The Domestic Green Deal

With carbon emissions and energy efficiency becoming a prime concern in the UK, each individual and household need to take a part in making the environment a better place to be in. That’s where the Green Deal (GD) for domestic property owners comes in.

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