Water Efficiency/usage calculations (Part G)

The Water Efficiency Calculation for new dwellings

The water efficiency calculation or water usage calculation also known as water consumption calculation is the methodology to calculate the total water usage in new dwelling per person per day.
The potential consumption of water by persons occupying a dwelling must not exceed 125 Litre/person/day, (calculated in accordance with The Government’s national calculation methodology for assessing water efficiency in new dwellings).

This methodology is in support of The Code for Sustainable Homes, May 2009 and the Building Regulations 2000.

Maximum consumption of potable water (litres/person/day)
  • Code for Sustainable Homes (Level 1/2) 120 litres/person/day
  • Code for Sustainable Homes (Level 3/4) 105 litres/person/day
  • Code for Sustainable Homes (Level 5/6) 80 litres/person/day

In water usage calculation we require the use of water consumption figures from manufacturers product details.

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