Fire Risk Assessment

Fire Risk Assessment

Our Fire Risk Assessments are designed to meet the specific requirements of your premises and will meet all the requirements of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. All of our assessments are carried out by London based, FRA approved assessors.

To ensure that all our clients receive the best possible service for their organisation, we offer our clients two levels of Fire Risk Assessment consultancy:

Standard FRA Service includes:

  • Site visit
  • Audit and Assessment
  • Detailed recording of fire hazards, people at risk, existing procedures in place
  • Comprehensive reports/action plans and recommendations
  • A full and detailed consultation is available following the fire risk assessments to discuss any significant findings and required actions to achieve a satisfactory standard of fire safety within the premises.

Five Step Fire Risk Assessments Process

This includes the conducting of the fire risk assessment following the 5 step fire risk assessments process as recommended by HM Government guidance documents, HSE and the guidance documentation issued by Fire and Rescue Services:

 Step One: Identification of the Fire Hazards

 Step Two: Identifying Persons at Risk

 Step Three: Evaluation of the Risks (Eliminate, Reduce or Control)

 Step Four: Recording of the Significant Findings

 Step Five: Monitor and Review Process

Our fire risk assessors audit process covers all aspects of fire safety to identify any significant findings. These are recorded and a risk analysis conducted to arrive at a risk rating. A comprehensive action plan is then produced with realistic time scales for completion and review, providing the client with a range of options to meet their legal obligations and ensuring the most appropriate cost benefit solution.
The document is both emailed and hard copies posted for your fire logbook.


If you own a business and are responsible for the premises and any employees then the answer to these questions is most likely yes.

The law states that all places of work need to carry out fire risk assessments to ensure the safety of their employees.

It also states that you are responsible for sorting out Fire Risk Assessments for your premises if:

 You are an employer.

 You are a person who has control/responsibility of a workplace.

 You are a person who has a contract or tenancy when it relates to:

(a). the maintenance or repair of the workplace.

(b). the safety of the workplace.

 A person who is carrying on with a trade/business and is responsible for their premises.

 The owner of a property, when for instance the premises are unoccupied.

If this sounds like it could be you then please take a look at our Fire Risk Assessments page to see what services we offer.

If you’re still unsure if the law applies to you then please free to look through our Fire Safety Law page where there is a great details with more information on exactly who may need to think about getting or having regular fire risk assessments.